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Payment rejected

I am trying to make a payment for a monthly subscription but it is rejecting payment.  I have tried two different visa cards and there is definitely money for the taking.  Why isn't it going through?


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Hi Meda,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry that you have encountered this problem.

I would suggest trying the following:

1. Contact your card provider to see if they are blocking the transaction.

2. If paying with PayPal is an option for you, see if that payment method works any better for you

3. If that does not resolve the situation, please let us know what kind of licence you are trying to purchase and we will be able to advise accordingly. 

Payment is not being blocked by the card provider.  How do I find Videoscribe in PayPal?

You can just enter your PayPal details on the page

Hi, today I have tried to make a payment for Video Scribe -Yearly but it was not accepted. I have used a MasterCard with enough money, used OK before for other payments on other websites. PayPal or other cards are not an option for us. Please tell us what to do. Thank you !

Claudia, it would be worth calling your bank to make sure they haven't blocked the transaction it is the most popular reason even if you have made international payments before and have enough funds to cover the cost. 

We have contact our bank and there is no problem.

In order to make the payment by transfer, please send us an INVOICE in EURO with your bank details (account and the name of your bank). Thank you.

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