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 Im building a documento  and I want save it in video.

I jhired your mensual service payment.I paid and Idon't better access than free service....

Pleasse I want to save my document in video . I think that was in payment service.... I beg to you report me it if contains no monthly service payments and returned my money for pay the correctly

If you have paid for a pro membership but you are not able to publish videos, some common reasons are:

1) your payment was declined or it has not completed successfully so your account has not been upgraded yet.
2) you have more than one videoscribe account, only one has been upgraded, and you are logging into a different account that has not been upgraded.
3) your account has been upgraded but you have to log out, and restart videoscribe, and log back in
4) you are not following the correct steps to render a video


You can check your account status (free or pro) here on this website:

A) Click the ACCOUNT link at the top of this page. (Log in using the details you first signed up with if you are not automatically logged in)

B) On the Summary page, click or tap ‘Subscriptions and invoices’

C) If you have an active subscription, it will be listed near the top of the page I believe, the STATUS column should show the word "Active" for a currently active membership

If you want to contact customer support directly, click the YOUR TICKETS link near the top of this page then click RAISE A TICKET.

I hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Como se guarda el video y se reproduce

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