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Él, is imposible upload my videoscribe to Youtube. and try many times but always is up 0%.

please provide a lot more information.

Or save your work to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Mike , thanks for your help The problem is that I upload video from Youtube That is like Youtube and I do not recognize. Deputy screen printing . (where say " Presentación marketing esperiencia BTWl" Thank you very much


How have you uploaded this video to YouTube? Have you uploaded it directly from VideoScribe or have you published it locally to your computer and then uploaded it to YouTube manually? In any event whichever you have tried here I would give the other way round a go and see if you get better results.

It looks to me that the video has been sent to YouTube successfully but the YouTube itself is not processing it. If you uploaded this directly then how far through the process did you get? Did you get the 'Your video has been successfully uploaded to YouTube' confirmation message or did that not appear? 

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