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png image sequence white box behind text

Hy when I render a png sequence in videoscribe and put it as transparent layer in premiere pro I get a light white box behind the text (see Image 1). I opened a png image in photoshop and picked the white box with the magic wand tool you can see in Image 2. Is this a videoscribe bug? It is to complicated to edit allthe images in photoshop.

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Yes I have heard similar problems mention before. Usually the problem is just a low opacity rectangle appearing behind the text in videoscribe but it makes sense that it would also show up in the PNG  images.

I'm afraid I don't know of a simple fix. If you want to fix all of the PNGs in photoshop you can make something called an action that memorizes the adjustments you make to a single image then performs the same adjustments on a whole folder full of images. It's too much for me to explain here but you can google it for lots of guides and videos.

I would probably make an SVG image out of the text. Here is a new guide I've made that hopefully explains the process clearly : Make Any Font, Text or Equation Draw Well (2016)

it may seem long and complicated but its really only 4 steps:
3) CREATE "REVEAL STROKES" (this part can be time consuming if you want to be precise about your reveals)

Hope that helps,
-Mike(videoscribe user)


Hy Mike thank you for this guide, I will try this out. For now I fixed the problem by putting a copy of the layer on top of the textanimation layer and dropping a track matte key on it, this works fine, no more white boxes.


ohhh good solution!


Just so you guys are aware this is logged as a bug with the VideoScribe development team (ref #VS-3523) and I have linked this forum to that as well so we can drop an update here as and when it's fixed

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