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Viewing Scribes on Other Computers

Is is possible to view scribes on a different computer than the one you completed your scribe if the new computer does not have videoscribe? 
You must have videoscribe installed if you wish to open , edit or save scribe projects.

But if you publish the scribe as a VIDEO, you can watch the video on other devices that do not have vidoscribe installed.

Free users can publish videos to facebook, youtube and powerpoint
pro subscribes can do the same PLUS they can save video files to their hard drives and render their videos remotely using

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Use VideoScribe on more than one computer

You can download VideoScribe to as many separate computers as you like but you won’t be able to log in to VideoScribe on more than one computer at the same time. To access the same scribe project across different computers, you will need to save your scribe online (cloud storage).

To download VideoScribe onto a new computer, follow the instructions for installing VideoScribe.

App versions

The above is true for desktop and laptop computers only – to use VideoScribe on an iPad, for example, you must download the iPad app. You may then use your VideoScribe login details to access your account through the iPad app.


To download on multiple computers for multiple users, please see the information and pricing on the teams page.

Thank you! I finally figured that out, but now every time I have tried to publish it to make it a video, videoscribe crashes and stops responding. I have tried to publish it using Facebook and YouTube.
Be sure to save your scribe project to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it if you would like them to help you identify the problem.

also, here is a link: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015-2016)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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