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Font Size

Please make it easier to change the font size. Also, please make it easier to align one font box under the other; right now I have to guesstimate whether or not it aligns. 

Is dragging the corner box on a text box not changing the font size effectively? Also I highly recommend using the rulers/guides to align things. You can drag vertical guides from the left side and horizontal guides from the top.

Please, for the sake of VideoScribe's usability and long-term viability as a competitive product, develop and add the following functionality as a top priority:

Align Objects (text and images)

This should have the same options and workflow as Adobe Illustrator.

Distribute Objects (text and images)

Again, same as Adobe Illustrator.

Ruler guidelines are helpful for keeping things aligned across several camera views, but do not give the same speed and control needed for organizing elements on the same screen.

Right click menu option to switch to selected objects' camera view. This used to be done by double-clicking, but this action now opens the properties editor. Now, the user is four clicks away from this frequently used function.

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