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I can't open video scribe

I've just downloaded the free trial version, and dragged the Videoscribe.dmg file into Applications, but when I double-click, it just opens up the graphic showing moving the file into Applications. 

What do I do next?!

based on what I read here (about someone having the same problem while installing skype):

sounds like you still need to click the eject button to unmount the installation graphic/window.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the suggestion, Mike, I ejected under 'devices' but it still just comes up with the image.

When I open it, by default it opens with DiskImageMounter - can anyone tell me if this is the right application to open it with?

You don't put the DMG into the applications folder. A DMG is a disk image and needs to be mounted as a disk by double clicking it (usually from your downloads folder (but it doesn't matter if it's in your Applications folder). You will get the application icon and your Applications folder shortcut. Drag the icon into the folder and the application will be copied to your Applications folder. Double click on the application from within your Applications folder and the application will open.

Thanks Matthew, I don't have an application icon, only the .dmg file (and two handbooks). Pls can you show me where to download the application?

If you've downloaded the .dmg and have it on your computer, you don't need to download it again. Double click on the .dmg file to mount it and you will get this:


Drag to the Applications folder.

Double click on the Applications folder shortcut to open your Applications folder

Inside the Applications folder you will find the

Double click on and VideoScribe will open.

Got it, thank you :)

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