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Videoscribe Now! App for android

I have just installed your Videoscribe Now! app for android and its very different from I thought it would be like. The app has very limited features and more importantly it does not allow you to add texts in your video. I need help with this app and it would be amazing if you make a tutorial video of the app as well. Also, it would be wonderful if you add more features into it and make it more like videoscribe for PC. Thank you!

Yes the features of VideoScribe Now are limited and it is designed to create very quick animations using the limited capabilities of mobile devices. There is no option to add text to a scribe in VideoScribe Now. If you would like more options you would need to purchase the desktop version of VideoScribe. We don't have a tutorial at this time for how to use VS Now but if you have any specific questions, please ask.

Thank u for taking the time to answer me. I have started using videoscribe (on android) and I really like it. I have do a project in which I want to include some animations and videoscribe is amazingly helpful for that. But I also want some written information to be included in it, so my only request to the videoscribe team is that can u plzz include some text options in the app for android (even the basic texts would do). Thank you!
I want download videoscribe. but I can't download and instal videoscribe update file..can you sent me link...please

Hi Mehrah,

What happens when you try to download the VideoScribe installer file from your account page? If any messages are displayed, what do they say?

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