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Feature requests: support for IPA (phonetic alphabet) fonts; insert video


I haven't subscribed to Videoscribe as as far as I know it does not allow me to use phonetic transcript fonts, or insert video files. Pity! I know there are workarounds but these will be very time consuming. Any possibility of these features being included in the near future? 

I have created a task for our development team to implement support for IPA (phonetic alphabet) fonts. This does not guarantee that this feature will be selected for development; it will be down to the project leader to decide and there are many issues/features for them to choose from and many criteria they use to decide what to tackle.

What may help in moving the task up the priority list would be for this feature to receive 'likes' from other users by clicking on the 'Do you like this idea?' link beneath the original post. The number of 'likes' that an idea/feature gets on the forum contributes to the decision making process when selecting tasks for development.

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