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Pie Charts


I'm very new to Videoscribe and my clients will want me to use charts of various types a lot.

I've been playing with pie charts and cannot get the categories to match with the values. The values all add up to 100 but the categories are skewed. I have two categories in one piece of pie!

Thanks in advance

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Hi Sally,

Please could you attach a screenshot of the values you are entering to get that result?

Hi Matthew

Please find screenshot attached

Yes, I got the same thing, either one of the labels doesn't show up or it's in the wrong sector. What I would do if I were you would leave the labels out of the pie chart (don't enter any) and add text elements to label the pie sections instaed.

I've logged this as an issue for investigation.

Thank you. I thought I was doing something wrong. I will take up your suggested work around.

Many thanks


I have the same issue............any solution from Videoscribe ?

It works fine as Bar graph with the labels, values and size of bar aligned.............just gets messed up as Pie

Hi Vikram,

See my response above from 13 July.


Has there been any update on this issue please?




Hi Sally,

No changes have been made recently to charts and graphs.

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