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Videoscribe Version 3

Hi team, 

I received an email today about Videoscribe version 3.0.

Do you have any information or blog posts on the update, including new features and so forth? 



Here is some information about VideoScribe Version 3.

Over 200 items of work have been implemented.

New User Interface in keeping with the new Sparkol UI patterns

Enhanced User Experience. Based on feedback from users and independent research

    Simplified Element Timeline

    Enhanced method of deleting images and elements

    Improved organisation of scribes (Folder Management)

    Cleaner Recording experience

Improved Search engine

Image recommendations.

Performance improvements

Stability improvements

Any news about release date? 

You can download VideoScribe 3.0.1 Beta from

If you install VideoScribe 3.0.1 will it override the current version I have, particularly if I want to uninstall the Beta version?

Installing the Beta version 3.0 will overwrite any previous version you have installed. If you want to go back to the latest stable version you will need to uninstall version 3 first. This will not affect any of your saved work.

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