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Default Folder for Saving Scribe Files--Usability stinks

Why do I have to choose where I want to save my VideoScribe file each time, whether export to scribe, to cloud, to pdf? Or base folder vs another folder. What does that even mean? Where is this "base" folder located?  Is the "home" view the "base folder" area? Kind of a silly UI for opening your files.

I want to save to the folder I choose on my local computer always. I work on various scribes on different projects. I don't want them all in the Scribe appdata folders.

Can't I just set the save default folder to be on my LOCAL pc and not have to choose it each time? I don't want to save it online. Only locally on my computer.

See attached image for confusing UI analysis and a mockup of a possible solution.

Thanks for the idea Sophia and taking time to explain your issues and ideas in so much detail. 

We have 3 save options essentially in VideoScribe as .pdf is more of a storyboard extract than a formal file save.

- As you have stated by default VideoScribe saves locally on your computer to a pre-determined location (appdata) and we call the base folder which means your projects show on the project screen when you log-in.

- For those who want to use VideoScribe on different computers (home and office for example) we have the cloud folder so you can save work and then pick it up again elsewhere. 

- Finally we have export and we have envisioned that for people who want to send their work to others so they can work on it in their accounts 

I think what you are essentially asking is a tweak to option 1 to allow you to amend the default save location is you desire. Most customers will probably just leave things as is but you would like to have the files somewhere other than appdata. I would be very interested in seeing how many customers share your desire for this so please comment below and 'Like' the original post if it's something that would interest you.

Sophia, would you mind me asking what the reason for moving these files to another area of your computer. Is it something about appdata specifically that concerns you or is there other reasons?

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