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el programa no responde

tengo la presentación terminada y cuando la quise guardar el programa se trancó.

no se si debo esperar a que el programa responda por si mismo o cerrarlo. en ese caso, perdería mi trabajo?

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Hi Marcel.

Sorry that you have experienced this issue. If the software has been not responding for a while you will probably have to close it. When you log back in you should get the option to load it back up from the autosave backup. Load it up and try saving immediately. If you experience any issues with this, please let me know.

Hola! He terminado mi proyecto y lo quiero compartir en facebook como momento final de mi evaluación del software para saber si lo compro o no y luego de pedirme el usuario y contrseña se bloquea y el programa no responde. Existe la forma de resolverlo o debo desuscribirme?

Hi Juan,

Sometimes there can be issues with connection to the social media sites when logging in. Are you able to try publishing your scribe to YouTube instead? If it is successful you will be able to download your video from YouTube as an MP4 and upload to Facebook manually.

Render and share scribes.

Hola! No puedo ver las imágenes, mucho menos subirlas, esa opción está desactivada.

Hi Ana,

Please follow the steps in the article Library images will not preview or load for a possible solution to this issue.

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