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Fonts that work well in VideoScribe

We have a new instant answer called Font Kerning which describes the way that VideoScribe handles fonts and which types of fonts are best to use.

If you use any fonts in your scribes that you think work particularly well please share them with the VideoScribe community by adding the name of the font to this topic.

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Personally I go for hand drawn looking fonts or I hand draw the fonts in my SVGs but I have also found that monospace fonts seem to work well (they usually have mono in the font name).

Here is a screenshot of three fonts in videoscribe version 2 (I don't know if they look the same in v3):

 For anyone unfamiliar with monospace fonts, I believe that each letter takes up the same width as every other letter, and that seems to work well in videoscribe.

Lots of them available.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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