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I can't upload my video to Youtube

I have the free trial and I try to upload the video to Youtube, but when it finishes loading puts that for some reason it is not possible to be raised and it reviews my connection to Internet. My connection is fine and I tried to upload it to Facebook but it doesn't let me either. I have tried several times and I have also changed the name of the project, closed the program and re-entered and the same thing happens, how can I solve it? 

Tengo la versión de prueba e intento subir el video a youtube, pero cuando acaba de cargarse pone que por algún motivo no se puede subir y que revise mi conexión a internet. Mi conexión está bien, he probado a subirlo al facebook pero tampoco me deja. Lo he intentado varias veces y también he cambiado el nombre del proyecto, cerrado el programa y vuelto a entrar y pasa lo mismo, como puedo solucionarlo?

You could save your project to the cloud folder and raise a ticket if you would like customer support to look at it. They work weekdays during UK business hours.


If you make a very short project (using 1 or 2 elements from the videoscribe library) are you able to publish it to youtube?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I did a ticket [#41188] but I haven't had an answer. Finally, I have had to buy it and I tried download the video (9minuts) in my computer two hours ago and it still downloading. 

Before this I tried to upload to Youtube a very short video and I haven't had problems.

I hope I can solve this problem because I really need the video, it's very urgent.

 They work weekdays during UK business hours.

If you want help from videoscribe users you could save the project as a .scribe file and attach it here and maybe someone will look at it.

9 minutes is a pretty long project in terms of whiteboard videos. You would have to be somewhat organized in terms of file sizes and camera settings to make it work efficiently. Some tips can be found here: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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