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How to make drawing and coloring video in videoscribe

How to make a drawing video like this one

and get the coloring effect? Is there any step by step tutorial?


The line art in that video was drawn using videoscribe and the coloring was recorded using a video camera and real markers.

However you can make videoscribe draw in the colors like that if you make your own SVGs . The quality of the coloring in videoscribe  will depend on how well you make the SVGs.

related links:
Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks mike...I tried those and failed to achieve the authentic drawing feel. May be because I was trying to convert a coloring page image from google to vector line and try the effect suggested above. It will be a great help if you could make a tutorial on youtube showing how to take a drawing image from google and convert it, color it and get it ready for videoscribe to draw it authentically. will be a big help. I wanted to use this trick for kids class for drawing.

thanks in advance.

There is a good video on YouTube which shows you how to create an SVG from a bitmap image using Adobe Illustrator. The same techniques can be applied if you are using a different SVG editor such as Inkscape. Adobe Illustrator to VideoScribe: How To Create Custom Whiteboard Images.

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