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Last updated: 29 December 2017

This article will show you how to upgrade your Sparkol account so that you can access VideoScribe after the 7 day free trial and use the VideoScribe Pro features.

You can upgrade your Sparkol account from a free trial account to a Pro account at any time. This can be during your 7 day free trial or after your trial has expired. After upgrading your account you won't need to download VideoScribe again – the next time you open VideoScribe, you will have access to the full set of features and will be able to continue with the projects you created during the free trial.

Follow these steps to buy a Sparkol subscription during or after your VideoScribe free trial.

Step 1. Go to the VideoScribe website and select the payment plan you would like to purchase.

Step 2. Log in with your Sparkol account log in details.

Step 3. Enter your details.

Enter your address and payment information.

Acknowledge that you understand that you are setting up a subscription for which you will make an immediate payment followed by regular payments by checking the box (A).

Read the payment terms and app licence and user terms and if you accept them, check the box to accept the terms (B).

Click ‘Pay Now’ (C).

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