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VideoScribe tutorial 1 – Creating your first scribe

Last updated: 2 June 2017

This video will take you through how to navigate the key features of VideoScribe and create your first scribe.

*Please note, on your Free trial you will only be able to save a video as a PPTX file, to Youtube or Facebook. FLV rendering was replaced by AVI in version 2.3

  1. Getting started – introduction to VideoScribe (00:11)
  2. Adding elements – using library images and text (01:59)
  3. Saving your project – save and export options (10:08)
  4. Adding audio tracks – voiceovers and soundtracks (13:53)
  5. Publishing your scribe – creating and sharing video files (18:00)


This worksheet contains diagrams and text of the main topics covered in the video.

Worksheet tutorial 1 (PDF)
All tutorial worksheets (PDF)


Example scribe video

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If you have not yet installed VideoScribe see Download and install VideoScribe – Mac or Download and install VideoScribe – PC.

If you are having trouble finding VideoScribe after installing it see Find VideoScribe on your computer and open it

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