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Buying and using premium images

Last updated: 28 June 2018

The VideoScribe image Library includes thousands of premium images from professional artists. Some premium images are free to download and others are available to buy.

What are premium images?

Premium images are added to VideoScribe by professional artists who have signed up to contribute to our Community Exchange programme.

Community Exchange contributors decide how much to sell their images for. They can make images free to download if they wish.

Who can buy premium images?

Premium images are available to VideoScribe Pro users only (premium images are not included in the Sparkol subscription price).

You can’t use premium images during a free trial or if you have a company wide subscription.

How much do premium images cost?

Images shown with a red banner (A) carry an additional cost. Simply click the image to see its price.

Images shown with a blue banner (B) are free to download. 

The prices are decided by the artist on a tiered basis. The pricing tiers can be seen at

How do I buy an image?

To find and buy premium images in VideoScribe:

Step 1. Find your image

Click the Add image icon (C), enter a term into the search bar - e.g. ‘animal’ (D), check ‘only premium images’ (E) and you will see images with red banners (F).

Step 2. Choose the image you would like to buy

Click on the image you want to buy, press the play icon (G) in the preview window to see how the image will be drawn.

Read the terms of service and tick the box (H) to agree to the VideoScribe terms of service.

Step 3. Confirm your purchase

Click the Buy Now button (I)


If your payment details are set up in your Sparkol account, you will be asked to enter your VideoScribe password to confirm your purchase. Or:

If your payment details are not set up, you will see a link to set up payment details in your Sparkol account. Once you’ve done this, you can return to VideoScribe and continue your purchase.

Once your payment is confirmed, click the tick icon on the confirmation message and the image will appear on your canvas.

How do I find and use the image later?

If you want to use your image again in your scribe, or in another project, you do not need to buy the image again. Your card will be charged again if you do.

There are 2 ways to do find and re-use your image:

Method 1. Recently used images

Step 1. Click the Add image icon (J)

Step 2. Click the Recently used images (history) (K)

Step 3. Find your image - you may have to scroll through your history if you’ve used lots of images since using the one you’re looking for

or, if the image you want is not shown in your history:

Method 2. Find in a scribe you have used the image in previously.

Step 1. Open a scribe that contains the image

Step 2. Right click on the image and copy to clipboard (L)

Exit the scribe and return to the projects screen.

Step 3. Open the project you want to use the image in

Step 4. Right click and paste the image onto your canvas (M)

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