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Last updated: 24 September 2015

You’re allowed to make money from videos you create with VideoScribe.

The VideoScribe terms and conditions allow you to use the software for a range of commercial purposes.

Here’s what you’re allowed to do and when.

During your free trial

During your free 7-day free trial, you can:

1. upload videos to YouTube and Facebook and make money from advertising revenue

2. embed videos on your business or personal website to win new business

3. use videos in sales and marketing material, presentations and pitches

The VideoScribe watermark will appear on any videos that you make during your free trial.

When you have an active Sparkol subscription

If you have an active Sparkol subscription, you can use your videos as described in points 1-3 above and you can also:

4. create and sell – or licence – videos to paying customers

You cannot do this during your free trial.

After your trial or subscription has expired

You can continue to use your videos as described in points 1-3 above after your trial or licence has expired.

But, once your subscription has expired, you cannot:

5. sell – or licence – videos created with VideoScribe to paying customers.

You must have an active subscription to do this.

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