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VideoScribe supported character sets

Last updated: 3 August 2016

Below is a list of character sets currently supported in VideoScribe (as of version 2.3.5). 

To view the specific characters supported, use the unicodes next to each character set below to search this Wikipedia article and then click on the link to that character set.
Please note you will need to make sure that the font you are using supports the character set you want to use. Also, if you have imported a font before upgrading to v2.3.5 you will need to delete and then re-import the font to use all the character sets below.


Basic characters:

 - 0020 — 007F  Basic Latin

 - 00A0 — 00FF Latin-1 Supplement

 - 2000 — 206F  General Punctuation

 - 2070 — 209F  Superscripts and Subscripts

 - 20A0 — 20CF Currency Symbols

Latin extended:

 - 0100 — 017F  Latin Extended-A

 - 0180 — 024F  Latin Extended-B

 - 1E00 — 1EFF Latin Extended Additional


 - 0370 — 03FF Greek and Coptic

 - 1F00 — 1FFF Greek Extended


 - 0400 — 04FF  Cyrillic

 - 0500 — 052F  Cyrillic Supplementary


 - 0530 — 058F  Armenian


 - 0590 — 05FF  Hebrew


 - 0600 — 06FF   Arabic

If you need to use characters that are not currently supported, please let us know by clicking on the 'raise a ticket' link below.

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