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Colour Effects

Last updated: 12 October 2017

This article will show you the different colour effects you can use on your images

If you are still using v2 of VideoScribe, you can download the latest version of the software from your account. Alternatively the v2 version of this instant answer is available here.

There are 4 different colour effects in VideoScribe that you can use to give your images different styles.
You can scroll through the options using the plus and minus button either side of the currently selected option (A).

Option 1 - Normal colour effect

With the ‘Full colour’ effect selected, the image will be displayed and drawn in the normal way and will have full colour.

Option 2 - Outline

With the outline effect selected the image will have no colour and will just have outlines. The outline colour can be changed by clicking on the colour square (B).

Option 3. Greyscale

With the ‘Greyscale’ effect selected you will see that the image turns into a greyscale version. All colours are converted into a shade of grey.

Option 4. Silhouette

When the ‘Silhouette’ effect is selected you will see that the image changed into a shadow or ‘silhouette’ of the image. You will not be able to see any of the details of the image, just the shape. The image will have a solid colour fill and the colour can be changed by clicking on the colour square (C).

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