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Last updated: 11 October 2017

If you own a number of subscriptions on your account for use by people in you place of work you can manage your account. This article will show you how to add new users, remove people who have left and re-assign the subscriptions you own

As a multi user subscription owner, you can log into or to administer your team. Once you have logged into your account, click on the team tab.

Add users

  • To add a new user to your team and assign a licence click on 'Add Team Members'.
  • Add the user details; First name, last name, email address and password (optional). If you do not enter a password, one will be generated automatically and the user will need to change it before they are able to log in.
  • If you would like the user to receive an email containing instructions on how to get started, check the ‘Send welcome email’ checkbox.
  • Select the subscription you would like to assign a licence to the user from. You can see the number of licences available for each subscription and the expiry date of the subscription.
  • Click ‘Save New Member’ to save this user and return to the team page, click ‘Save and Add Another Member’ to add another user or ‘Cancel’ to exit.
  • If you see the message "This user already exists. The user will be added to your team and the selected licence will be assigned. Do you wish to continue?", this just means that the user already has a Sparkol account with that email address.

Remove users

  • To remove one or more users from the team, use the checkboxes to select one or more users. Select 'Remove selection from team' from the 'Select An Action' menu. If any of the users you have selected have licences assigned you will see a message:

Remove Selected From Team
The user(s) you are about to remove has one or more assigned licences.
By continuing, their licences will be automatically removed.
Do you wish to continue?

  • Click 'Yes, I'm sure' to remove the users from your team or 'Cancel'. The licences will be removed and added back to your available licences.

Assign a subscription

  • To assign a licence to a user, use the checkboxes to select one or more users. 
  • Select 'Assign a subscription to Selected' from the 'Select An Action' menu.
  • Select a licence from the available subscriptions. You will see the number of licences available on that subscription and when it expires.
  • Click 'Assign Team Members', then confirm by clicking 'Yes I'm Sure'.
  • The subscription number will now appear next to the user(s) you have assigned the licence(s) to.

Unassign a subscription

  • To un-assign a subscription and remove it from a user, use the checkboxes to select one or more users.
  • Select 'Unassign Selected from a subscription ' from the 'Select An Action' menu.
  • You need to select the subscription that you would like to remove from the user by putting a tick in the box with your mouse.
  • Click 'Unassign Team Members' and confirm by clicking 'Yes I'm Sure'.

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