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Zoom at end of scribe: How can I prevent it?

QUESTION: How can I prevent videoscribe from zooming out to show all of my images at the end of the scribe?


By default, videoscribe will zoom out to show all of your scribe elements when the scribe finishes playing. There are settings that disable "zoom at end":

FOR VERSION 2 of videoscribe:

when you preview the video, UNcheck "zoom at end" (in the lower right corner of the screen) to disable the zoom at end for preview mode as well as the finished video.  (If your scribe is only a few seconds long, you may have to be pretty quick to uncheck the zoom setting before it disappears.)


1) When you click "create and share" to render a new video, UNcheck the "zoom at end" option shown here:

That will prevent the zoom out at the end of an exported video.

2) To prevent the ZOOM at the end during PREVIEW MODE, close all scribes then click the system wide defaults and settings icon:

and uncheck the zoom on preview option:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This link explains a bit more about the rendering differences in the Free Trial and Pro versions

Please could this be explained for v2.0?

Hi Paul,

In version 2.0 of VideoScribe there is only one place where you can control the 'Zoom at End' function.

If you preview your scribe you will see the Zoom at end checkbox at the bottom right of the screen

If you uncheck this box the you will not get the zoom at end on both the preview and the published video


Perfect thank you!

I have unchecked the "Zoom at end?" box, however, when I export to video, it still zooms out at the end. What am I missing?

I'm using Videoscribe Desktop 2.0.1 (Pro version) on a Mac.


I'd try saving the scribe with a new name and then opening and rendering the new copy. Traditionally that sometimes seems to "fix" various issues with new changes or settings not rendering properly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike. That worked.


Glad to hear it! Thanks for posting your results!


I having issues with zoomed
I tried zoom out and nothing, I can't unload my video because of it. What can I do?

Hi Marie,

Sorry you're having issues with Zoom.

You may find this Instant Answer on Zoom helpful.

If you require further assistance, please create a new support ticket.

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