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Lost all my work

So, I've been using Sparkol for A LONG TIME now and just had this happen to me: Worked on a scribe for thirteen hours, installed the very last element (of which I've used MANY times before) and POOF! It asks me to log in again. "Hmmm" I say. No big deal I'm sure. I log back in expecting to find my scribe sans the the last element sitting in my online folder. Guess what? NOTHING!!!!!! GONE!!!!! I have auto save set to save every two minutes as well. It is nowhere to be found! Come to think of it, I don't remember the auto save pissing me off much as I was working, could it be it wasn't saving this whole time? I'm not even going to ask for help from  the "help" desk, for I know I'll just get the convoluted explanation of how I should check the many things I've already done. Thanks Sparkol! You're the Bee's Knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1) Autosave does not save online so there would not be a copy of your scribe saved online unless you manually saved a copy online.

2) The autosave feature saves to a file called "autosave_backup" so that's the file you should look for in your local directory. Hopefully you will find it there and open it before it is overwritten by a newer scribe!

3) If you open the autosave_backup, you should immediately save it with a different filename using "save as a NEW COPY and close"

4) You can (close all scribes and then) check the system wide defaults and settings to ensure that autosave is still enabled. (setting it to zero will disable it.)

-Mike (videoscibe user)

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