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Morphing erases fill colour


I'm trying to perfect the morphing method of moving an object by copying and pasting the same object then moving the new one and morphing from the original. My problem is that as the object is moving any fill colour it has gets 'erased' for the duration of the morph? So if I have a red box and move it on the canvas, it becomes keyline as its moving, then fills again. 

How do I get the items to stay filled as they move.


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Here's the basics on morphing -

Here's a great little video on it -

So the best morphing is probably with line-only drawings as VideoScribe doesn't translate an area but a line: the 'fill' doesn't have any way to transform into something else.

I hope that helps

So, as I'm not trying to morph (change into something else) but just move the item on the canvas, (as I said), is there a way to do that so it keeps the fill?


Ok Roger

The only other way to move something is to cheat and actually move the canvas: Clearly this will only work if there's nothing else in the view at the time, but placing an invisible image on the canvas with zero draw time and then setting the camera so that it moves the first image in the direction you want, will give the effect of movement - the timing dependent on the 'transition time' set in the first image.

Does that make sense?

Yep, I wondered about that but ideally I wanted to have an object move relative to other objects. I'll just have to be sure to use keylines only for moving stuff.


Do you plan to implement the ability to move and object on the canvas (without necessarily morphing it) in a future version ?

Hi Etienne,

You can add this as a feature request and our development team will consider it for inclusion in a future version.

The more popular an idea the more chance it has of getting in a future release.

We are working on getting the ability to import animated GIFs in a future version.


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