unable to publish to LMS as needs to be SCORM compliant

  • Hello

    Please can anyone tell me whether I can use these scribes in a programme that has to be SCORM compliant. I don't seem able to publish any content with videoscribe onto our LMS (I think because it is not SCORM compliant??)

    Is there any way of making the Videoscribes SCORM compliant?

    Many thanks

    Pip Bedingfield

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  • Hi,
    a Google search reveals this SCORM.com page which indicates you can use MOV, FLV or any youtube video: http://scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud-features/up-and-running-in-minutes/scorm-cloud-scotube/

    In other words if you have any trouble with the MOV or FLV videos from videoscribe, just upload either of those to youtube and it should work.

    Consult your SCORM documentation for video dimensions, frame rates, file sizes etc.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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