•      Just curious what the timeline is for releasing of 1.4 and also when will version 2.0 be available. It does not have to be exact days but even identifying in which quarter of which year would be sufficient. I am trying to be as patient as possible, but I really need to see some result with the software as I feel that our valuable feedback has not been addressed.

         It works so much better when communication is a two-way street instead of only one way. We only here our side but we hear nothing official from Sparkol and it would really boost morale all around if there were some official news in regards to releases and all of the coming improvements for Videoscribe. Yes the new website is brilliant, but that is not what I am paying for! I signed up for 1 year to Videoscribe in hopes that I would be able to produce some great Whiteboard animation videos easily and professionally. Yes, I am able to produce some videos, but the workflow and results are less than I expected. 

        May we have some news about the software please? Thanks for your time and consideration...

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  • Hi Benny, thanks for contacting us. I believe you are on the Beta testing process for 1.4? I sent out an email last week regarding 1.4 with an updated version. Looks like you may have missed this one as we received an auto response. Please check your emails as you should have an updated version of 1.4. If you need any further information regarding the Beta testing of 1.4 please contact through the Beta testing email address.

    In relation to VideoScribe Version 2.0, we are set to start alpha testing on it and hope to have it available in the next quarter subject to testing.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Sounds great Joe and thanks for your time...
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