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Pictures and sound reorganizes when rendering - Should I buy?

Der Videoscribers

I have tried the 7 days trial version, and was initially very happy with the product. I made my first video using both own pictures and sound, but after having worked several hours i tried to render and xport the small movie. The result was very disappointing. After rendering half of the movie was reorganized so sound and pictures didn't match. Also when I tried using an older version of the program and scaling the pictures - as suggested in the forum. 

I ended up being so frustrated - that I quit the program for a couple of days. Today I thought I would try it out again - but now my account have been blocked as the free trial period have run out. So here goes the question. 

Is it really possible to actually export the Videoscribe properly - and you somehow please show me? If I decide to buy the program - how do I know this problem will not appear again? 

Hope you can help me out

Best regards


Hi Stefan, sorry you have this issue. 

I would suggest that you save a copy of the Scribe as a new copy to your local directory after renaming it and then try the render again.

As a trial user, your Video will render with a resolution of 640x360.

Can you retry after following this process? You should be able to access VideoScribe again to try this.

Thanks, Joe


Dear Joe

Thanks for your reply. Will my "old" video be available again - if I pay for the program now?

And is it guaranteed that I will be able to render it this time. 

I basicly tried all possible ways during the free trial, and am afraid paying for something that doesnt work



Hi Stefan, you can access the trial again. Please follow my advice and once you have, can you advice if you still have the issue?

If you do, please save a copy of the scribe to your online directory and we can take a look here -

Thanks, Joe 

And how do I access the trial - by purchasing? 


Hi Stefan, you access the trial exactly as you did before by opening the application on your computer, entering in your email address and password you used when you registered for the trial.

Thanks, Joe

Thank you very much, Joe. 

I have now tried once again, saved it properly as a new copy, and the same problem appear. The new video ends as a mess at the end - and the video at the workboard also changed a bit. Pretty frustrating. 

I have now saved it online. Is there  anything else I can do?

Best regards 


Hi Stefan, I had a look at your scribe and the issue with this was the zoom. On some of the images, the zoom was at 0% which is as far as it can go so when you set the camera position, there was no possible way for the camera to set it correctly.
I have saved an edited version of the scribe called Meningsdanner Sparkol Edit to your online directory. I have cleared the camera positions and reduced the size of the images. you will need to reset the Camera on each item but now all the images are at the same zoom level and size so this issue should not reoccur although you may have to edit the Scribe to your specifications again.

Thanks, Joe

Dear Joe

Thanks for your help. Today I have worked 6 hours on your Meningsdanner Sparkol Edit, but finally i had to give up. The images are now so far from each other that it is impossible to stick it together. If I cut and paste the image changes position and turns up at the end. And manually rezising and moving over the canvas takes forever. 

Is there a way to move all the elements closer together? Otherwise resetting the camera will take forever... 

I have saved it online - Meningsdanner NEW - it is called


I'm not sure why you would need to cut and paste. Just move the element, and set the new camera position. If the process seems slow or difficult, maybe you can describe in detail how you are trying to do it, because it should be fairly quick and easy.

Start with the first element,

1) position the camera, click "set camera"

2)  move element #2 to it's desired location, scale the element, adjust the camera position, click "set camera" (this process should probably take about 5-10 seconds)

3) repeat step 2 for all other elements.

you can also watch the tutorial videos on youtube for more information:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Dear Mike. 

That is what I am doing. But after Joe have edited it, the pictures are extremely small at situated very far away from each other on the canvas. This mean that I have to be searching around a huge canvas to find extremely small icons - then rescale and reposition them. That actually takes longer time than making a whole new video. 

If you open Meningsdanner NEW ands scroll to the middle you can see what I mean. The problem is not setting the camera. The problem is finding the elements and moving them closer together. 



I am a user, not a sparkol employee, so I cannot see your online scribes.

zoom out so you can see all of the elements...
select the first element in the timeline so you can see where it is.
click the second element in the timeline to select it... drag it closer to the first one.
repeat for all elements...

zoom in more and repeat the process if necessary....

When they are all fairly close together, then do as instructed in my previous post.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Dear Mike

Thanks a lot. I have tried that. But if I zoom out to see all elements - the individual ones items become so small they are practically invisible. 

When using the  - view camera - to find the iindividual items you have no idea where to move them. And when zooming out to get an overview all items become so small that they are almost invisible - and definetly impossible to move. 



You could zoom out less so you can see and move the elements...

or start over from the beginning and control the element scale and camera zoom more carefully.

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