Voiceover made in Camtasia

  • I would like to create my voiceover in Camtasia then use it in Videoscribe. Possible?

  • If camtasia can save a voiceover in mp3 format, then you should be able to import it into videoscribe.

    Note: Videoscribe prefers lowercase letters (mp3 instead of MP3) for the filename.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Here's a couple of Instant Answers relating :)

    -a tutorial and a video: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/search/solutions?term=voice

  • Anne,

    Please let me recommend that you reverse your process: create your animation in VideoScribe, export it at the size you intend to use it and 100% quality, then import that into Camtasia. 

    Camtasia gives you much more control over timing, layering, etc. than VideoScribe, which is basically an animation tool with rudimentary audio features. If you are already using Camtasia, you will be much happier using this flow.

  •  What format is best to save in as a file for Camtasia?  I would assume Quicktime?  right?  

  • I always save .MOV, 100%, 1920x1080 out of VideoScribe. Files are huge but high-quality. I only compress once, on the way out of Camtasia.
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