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Adjust leading/kerning in text?

Is there a way to adjust the spacing in the fonts - built in fonts or system fonts you import? I don't see any way to adjust the leading/kerning at all and the lines spacing is too far out to use.  Thanks in advance for any tips.

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Hi Kerry, you can edit any fonts that you have imported.

Once you have imported the font, go to the settings icon on the canvas, Manage fonts, select the font you wish to edit and then press Edit:

But is there a way to adjust the leading in the default text? And within a specific block? 

Hi Scott

The start of this thread is about version 1.

In version 2 it's a bit different: I hope you like it!...

First add your text, then click on the icon in the timeline and choose the 'change properties' icon:

The properties window looks like this:

In the screenshot, the arrow is pointing at the place to change the character width.  There are also options for angle, reverse drawing and alignment, as well as the usual shading, colouring, timings and animation options.

The icons along the bottom allow for changing the text, adding interesting filters and changing the hand that animates.

Hmmm - I don't see that - think I'm using version 1. That's great though - thanks!

Sorry I didn't include the link to upgrade - latest version

Great!  I'm running v 1.3.31 - This scribe is just about done so I'll wait until it's out the door and then download the new version. I worked around the text issue - looks good. 

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