phantom "other machine" error

  • I was a previous Pro user of VideoScribe back in 2012 and recently reactivated my subscription -- it's great to be back! I've noticed a recurring problem and I don't know how to solve it -- I've attached the screenshot. The error is that I'm logged into another machine... but I'm not logged in on any other devices (nor have I installed it on another computer) so I don't know why I keep getting this error...? It does indeed clear after about 10 minutes but then it pops up again, and it's really curtailing my workflow.



  •  I've seen a few people mention that problem in the past and I don't know if a cause has been determined.

    Without more information, my first guesses would be:

    1) Most likely: Maybe you are using a laptop or a computer with sleep mode or low power mode (possibly even a screensaver) causing the internet connectivity to stop temporarily.

    2) less likely: if you are using wi-fi or bluetooth instead of a wired internet connection, maybe the signal is dropping sometimes and maybe that causes a problem.

    3) Does this problem only occur when you login? or does it actually log you out of the program while the computer is idle? or while you are working in videoscribe? Please describe the computer and the circumstances.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks, Mike. It has never quit in the middle of a task or project. It has only happened when I've gone away for a while and left my laptop open, or if I move on to other tasks and keep VideoScribe open in the background while I work on those; it seems to be a time-out in the software itself... I have wondered if it's because I once had an active account and then restarted; perhaps something in the admin area at Sparkol is flagging the account as closed and glitching that way.

    While I do have a screensaver, the hard drive does not go to sleep (only the screen). WiFi here is pretty solid so I don't think it's an internet connectivity issue.

  • I'm glad to hear that it doesn't stop while you are working in videoscribe. Your laptop is almost certainly disabling your internet connection when it is not in use, resulting in the symptom you described.

    It probably has nothing to do with the hard drive. Just power settings probably.

    1) You could try turning off your wi-fi before opening videoscribe to see if you can use videoscribe in offline mode without any problems.
    2) or you could (google search) look up the settings on your laptop that prevent the network card from going to sleep.
    It could be power options: or something else

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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