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Nasty bug?


I just created a 7+ minute scribe that involves a lot of text (total 1320 words) in the same speech bubble. The way I created it was when the bubble got filled up with text I would simply make a white square (imported image) appear inside the bubble so I can fill it up with new text. Everything was working fine but all of a sudden when I was finally finished with the video (two days of hard work) and tried to play it from the beginning the very first text inside the bubble is behind something white. I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I have nothing in front of the text and all the elements are in the order they should be. Also - the element behind which they are is not a solid white square like the one I used to fill up the bubble for the oncoming text. It is not square. I've attached a screenshot so you can take a look at it. Really need help with this, I put in 2 days of work into it. 


 It does look strange.

If you want support to look at it during their business hours, save a copy online and tell them the name of the file.

To test it yourself,

1) what version of videoscribe are you using?

2) I would try rendering the video to see if the problem appears in the finished video

3) if the problem persists, use "save as a new copy and close" to save it under a different file name and then try rendering it again.

4) if the problem continues, click the thumbnail images for each item in the timeline once see if anything is highlighted in that part of the screen that might be causing the problem. For anything that is highlighted in that location, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it a little bit (for example, two clicks to the left and then two clicks to the right) to see if the problem area changes appearance.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

1) I'm using the latest version of videoscribe

2) Yes the problem appears in the finished video

3) Saved a new copy and rendered it too - the problem is still there

4) I tried to discover an element that interferes with it but I couldn't. HOWEVER, when I simply started deleting elements from the very end of the video it slowly started getting better. For example, after deleting probably around 15-20 elements here's another screenshot of how it now looks. Could it be that VideoScribe simply doesn't support too many elements placed on top of each other?

I'm also going to get into touch with support. 

 I don't recall hearing about this type of problem resulting from layering elements, but I seem to recall that some text effects (using the magic wand icon for text effects) like dropshadow or glow, sometimes caused unwanted artifacts when layered.

So maybe the problem is just layering text elements in general.... or maybe it is problem layering text with color changes (specifically red)... (or if you have added any other effect to the text that might be a factor)

Hopefully if you have saved a copy of your scribe you can leave one copy intact for now and experiment on the other copy.

does it only happen on the red side? you could try green instead of red for example...

also,how many red text elements are layered in the full version?

and is the white square you mentioned an SVG or something else?

Hi Toivo,

Sorry you have this issue.
Are you able to save a copy of the scribe online so we can take a look at it? Please let us know the name of the Scribe if you do.

Hi, Thanks for your responses everybody. Here's some important points:

1) I don't use any effect on the text. The only thing I use is "no hand".

2) I changed the text color to black. The problem is still there

3) Yes it only happens on the red side but keep in mind there is A LOT more red text than blue text. 

4) The white square is an imported .jpg

5) I deleted all the white squares in the video, the problem is still there

6) I have 183 elements of red text total - but one element doesn't fill the whole bubble, the average element lenght would probably be 1.5-2 lines. I couldn't make them longer because otherwise the text wouldn't appear in the same speed.

7) After deleting enough elements so the original 7minute40second video would be 5 minutes the problem goes away.

It seems to me that the problem really IS about having so much text layered on top of each other. I'd like to see what support has to say about it. If that's really the case it sucks bad because I need to create heaps of similar videos for my client. 

Joe, I have this file uploaded to my account and the file name is DerekBlank. Please have a look at it and let us know :) Thanks!

Thanks for the update.

My colleague is investigating it and will reply to you on the raised ticket.

Thanks, Joe

I see this thread is from several years ago, but I am experiencing this same issue currently while layering. If anyone has any information on how this was resolved, please let me know.

Much appreciated.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


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