Free Trial is over and Can Not Upload

  • Hi, my free trial is over, and i havent gotten the chance to upload my Videoscribe because of last minute changes and editing, it is an ISU for my Video Production class, is there any way that I can access my project in time for my deadline?

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  •  I'd definitely recommend buying it for a month or more if you are considering it. You could split the cost with your project partner(s) if any...

    That will also remove the videoscribe branding and give you other file formats and settings.

    If you don't want recurring payments, just cancel after upgrading. you can re-upgrade later if desired.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • hi..i want to free trial was over...and i save my question i want to get back the video i make....when i create a new email to get back my video....the file save online cannot get

  • Hi Jill, you can sign up for the Monthly subscription and then cancel the subscription before the next Payment is due.

    Please see this link if you wish to do this as it has cancellation instructions -

    Thanks, Joe

  • what if I can't pay for it. It had a school project on it! Im in high school in year 7. i just lost all my work and its due in a week. My trial has ended. so i now have to start my project again or is there a way I can get on save my work onto my computer and then log out and never use it again?

  • Customer support is available during regular UK business hours Monday through Friday (excluding some holidays).

    Here is some information from other threads. In general:
    1) You must complete all free work (including rendering videos) before the trial ends. After the trial ends, if you upgrade the same account by paying for a pro membership, you will can resume working on your local or online saved files if you did not delete them.

    2) You can't create another free trial on the same computer or with the same email address.

    3) IF you exported a standalone ".scribe" file during your free trial, you can import that into another free or a different paid videoscribe account and continue working (but you cannot do that with regular local or online saved files).

    4) If you have access to a different computer that has NOT already had a free trial, you can make a new free trial with a different email and start over. You can probably rebuild the same scribe much faster. Be sure to render your video AND export a standalone .scribe file to save for later in case you need it.

    Support might have some different information to offer you on Monday.

    If possible I would suggest that you ask you parents to help you buy one month of PRO access and they can immediately cancel the membership to avoid a repeat billing. Perhaps you can use it for another project, or perhaps one of your friends can split the cost and use it for a project of their own. (the same pro membership can be used on more than one computer but only on person can be logged in at a time.)


    Hope that helps,

    Mike(videoscribe user)

  • Hi Caitlin,

    We do also offer a discount to educational staff and to students. If you contact from your official school email address they will be able to advise you on this.

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