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Lost an orginial image - can I download it for favorites?

I accidentally saved over an original image that I made myself from my computer, I have used this in as a scribe and it saved in my favorites. I would however like to do some additional work to it - can I somehow download it back to my computer again?

Hi Lisa, do you mean you overwrote the original Scribe file?

If you have unless you made a back up of this scribe by saving to the online/local directory or there is a backup of it you would not be able to retried this file.

My advice going forward it to save locally and use the second save option, 'Save as a new copy and close' this will mean when you save a scribe, it saves as a new file and leaves you with the original.

Thanks, Joe

No, I'm not talking about a full scribe but about a single image that I've created in illustrator and used in a scribe. However, I seem unable to download it back to my computer again. 

Hi Lisa, if you have the image in your favourites folder you can add it to the canvas, right click on it and export the SVG.

Thank you so much!

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