Can't publish Videoscribe

  • Hello, I've tried on several occasions to publish my Project but when it gets to 0% it freezes and doesn't finish. I've tried to do this in FLV and Quicktime but it's the same. I've published to the online directory and called it 'Tarantuza' would you mind taking a look? 

    I want to download a version to store offline and also publish to youtube. Thanks Brett

  •  This thread about freezing and zero percent problems and solutions may help:

    step 2 also describes how to export a scribe file to save it in an offline location of your choice.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike, I'll try these suggestions and see what happens : )

  • Ok, none of these things worked so I think I need someone at Sparkol to take a look. I tried the importing option and it didn't show any errors leo tried making new copies too.

    Help SPARKOL!

  •  I'm sorry that didn't help solve the problem. I think customer support will be available when UK business hours start on monday if you would like to wait for them.

    Here is another thread that discusses causes of freezing in more detail (usually the cause is a problem with the way the images were prepared or with camera settings), if you want to try to troubleshoot it some more:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks again Mike, the strange thing is that I've previously published this project a couple of times to Youtube. I've been asked to make an amendment to the audio, which I've amended, and also played around with some of the transitions to match the new audio. This is the extent of my changes and I'm no longer able to publish! I have version 1.3.26.

    Help SPARKOL!

  • Hi there, sorry you have had this issue.

    I imported and rendered the scribe with no problems.

    Can you try rendering the same way I did after downloading and importing the scribe?

    Log in to your VideoScribe account

    Click on 'scribes saved online' and download the scribe

    Open VideoScribe

    On the home screen page, select the import icon

    Find and select the file you have just downloaded

    Thanks, Joe

  • Thanks Joe, I still had the 0% problem when I followed your instructions but when I went back to a previous version of this scribe and updated it I had more success.

    I have now managed to upload this to my Youtube channel so I'm happy now.

    Thanks again


  • I am unable to render a video. I am using version 2.0.3 and I can never get past the "Preparing video information screen." I closed VideoScribe and renamed the file (stored on my computer) and put in it a new folder. All the information points to it but nothing happens. I was able to render one file, a second produced only an empty file and now it won't do anything.

    Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Hi,
    (You do not need to close videoscribe and then rename a file on your computer.)

    With videoscribe open, save a new copy of the scribe with a new name then open the new copy and render it.

    Or if that doesn't work, export the scribe then import it and render it.

    Also, follow these tips to avoid maxing out the memory used by videoscribe:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I am finding problem in publishing (rendering) the VideoScribe file into a video format. There are two problems. 

    A) I am trying to create a video format of a particular VideoScribe file. However, the final video rendered was just 50% of the actual file.

    B) In the second occasion, if I apply a background music to the file, rendering the video never crosses the 'Preparing Video Information' screen. 

    Kindly help!

  • If you are having issues with this and have tried everything in the thread please open a support ticket and we will be able to help you further.

  • Hello Matthew...

    I really need your help because i only have 5 days to hand in my project!

    I finished my videoscribe project and saved it on my USB and I tried playing it using another device but unfortunately it didn't work :(  Please help me...

    Regards Jude 

  • (if you saved it as a scribe file, that is a work file that will only open with videoscribe. If you want to play a scribe as a video, you will need to save it in video format like an MOV or FLV or WMV. If you are using a free trial, then you will need to save it to youtube or a powerpoint file I think)

    the tutorials on the instant answers page explain the saving process in more detail.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I need help..i cant create stuck with prepare vid info for long hour.i hv presentation tomorow.can annybody help me
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