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How to delete a project in videoscribe on ios?

I have been trying to delete a project from videoscribe on ios but was unsuccessful. There is no delete button as far as I can see. Another question I have is the latest videoscribe on ios is not supposed to have branding but I still see it. Please help me.


It sounds like you have to click an option somewhere to remove it for free. check the video rendering options menu or poke around in the other menus.

DELETE SCRIBES: ((EDIT November 2014: to delete scribes from the current version of the ipad app , see Matthew's reply below))

-Mike (videoscribe user)

how can you do this? This is not possible. I can not save any new projects. I have lost all my day working on this and it keeps erasing my work. It must be out of memory

To delete scribes from the iPad version, click on the scribe which brings up the 'Open scribe' window. In the 'Open scribe' window is a trash can icon . Click on this trash can to remove the scribe and delete it permanently.

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