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line not clear


I have problem, with quality line when Hand movement..

1. why direction hand different white my picture?

2. why line quality not clear. ( i send image)

note: i make picture white svg


many thanks for help



Hi emin hs,

If you want help with your SVG, please edit your question and attach the SVG file.

When making SVG images for videoscribe (with adobe illustrator or inkscape), I recommend only using the pencil tool or pen tool to make paths with strokes and fills.

I recommend using NO clipping masks or transparency masks, NO embedded images or fonts, and NO layer effects (like glows dropshadows etc).

And here is a link to a VideoScribe Instant Answer about making SVGs:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Eminhs,

As Mike advised it is likely to be an issue with how the SVG file was created.

If we can take a look at the file if you can attach it to this post.

Otherwise please see the link mike has provided or if you prefer, 

you can watch this video on how to create SVG's for VideoScribe -

Thanks, Joe

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