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Rendered mov file unplayable.

I am using the pro version. After rendering the final project to MOV , I find that it isn't recognizable as a playable file (not even QuickTime) by my PC. It plays fine as a flv. But not as a MOV. Any suggestions?

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Sorry you're having this issue Bernard.

Can I ask a few questions to try and get to the bottom of this issue?

Can you provide the exact error message you are receiving?

Can you create a new test test scribe with one or two images, create a .Mov file and play back, do you get the same issue?

Is this only effecting .Mov or do you get the issue with FLV files too?

Can you try saving the scribe with a new name, and select the 'Save as a new copy and close' option. When you have does this, open the new copy and retry the render. Do you get the same issue?

Thanks, Joe

Thanks Joe.

It worked fine after I followed your instructions of "Saving As a New Copy & Close".

Appreciate it.


I an having the same problem.  Where exactly is "Save as a new copy and close?"  I cannot find that in either export or save functions. 


This thread from over a year ago was for version 1 of the program.

Videoscribe version 2.3 makes a new copy any time you save with a new name I believe.

If your problem persists after you try that, you may want to:
1) save your scribe online and mention the name of it so customer support can look at it, or
2) describe your problem in more detail, or
3) attach your MOV here to see if other people can play it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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