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  • This is similar to another question ( but the feedback wasn't helpful for my situation - I recently purchased a monthly subscription for the PRO account from the free trial. I have some scribes saved that I'd like to edit. But when I log in online, and on the Desktop, I am told that my free trial is over and that I need to subscribe to a PRO account, which I have already done. Please advise. 

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  • 1) Did you upgrade using Paypal or bluesnap?

    2) If you upgraded today using paypal, it may take several hours for Paypal to set up the recurring monthly billing and process the first payment. Then your account will be upgraded.

    3) check your paypal or bluesnap account to confirm that the payment was successful and not "pending" or "declined"

    4) if you have made more than one videoscribe account, be sure you are using the correct (upgraded) email and password to login to the program, and not the other ones.

    Customer support will be able to check your account information and make sure that any payments you have made are applied to the correct account.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you for the prompt reply! I did not upgrade via PayPal, I used a VISA card. I only have one account, though I have used it on multiple computers. 


  • If you used visa, then you paid through Bluesnap I believe.

    If there is a mistake, then customer support will have to sort it out during UK business hours.

    To check your account status,

    Go to your account page on the Sparkol website (Log in using the details you first signed up with if you are not automatically logged in)

    On the Summary page, click or tap ‘Subscriptions and invoices’

    Select the link to your 'BlueSnap control panel'

    The link will take you to your BlueSnap account – your status will be shown as ‘Active’ if your payment was successful. or that page may provide some other clues about the problem.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Under Subscriptions and Invoices, it just says that I have no current subscriptions or invoices. There is no option to the Bluesnap control panel. Additionally, at the top of my account page, it says that my free trial has ended and I need to purchase the PRO upgrade, but I have the email receipt of my monthly subscription. I've emailed customer support but haven't heard back, so I'll give it a day.

  • Hi Farheen.

    As Mike has advised it sounds like you have created a different VideoScribe account and upgraded that one.

    I have created a ticket for this issue. Please check your email inbox as we have requested some information about the payment.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi!

    Last month on the 12/04/14, I purchased a monthly subscription to VideoScribe Pro.

    I was intending to renew the subscription but then I got an email on the 17/5/14 informing me that my subscription had ended and that I needed to renew.

    Before I could renew, I received a payment receipt the following day on the 18/5/14 from Plimus Sales claiming that I had paid for a new month’s worth subscription to VideoScribe Pro.

    However, when I tried to access VideoScribe Desktop, I was told that I needed a Sparkol Pro Account. Now I am really confused because I have paid for a month’s subscription to something that won’t let me access it.

    I need this fixed up urgently because I have a video on my account which is needed for an assignment which is due tonight. Could you please help me?

  • Hi Brenna, sorry you have this issue. I would check to see if you have activated more than one VideoScribe account (this is the most common reason) and you're logging in to the Free one.

    If this is not the case, we would need to check your account details. The best way to do this would be to raise a support ticket so the issue can be investigated.

    Thanks, Joe 

  • Thanks! I know I have set up 2 accounts but I have double checked that I've been using the correct account so I'll raise a support ticket.



  • I just upgraded from Trial to Pro version. Logging in after the purchase, nothing apparent had changed on the interface, although the 'publish' function was now working. But there don't seem to be any new tool sets or options.


    The help file suggests re-installing, which I did. Still no new tools/buttons.


    Next it suggests I manually nuke the Library file and re-start. But the path given isn't found on my computer. I let the program install to the default path, but I don't have a C:\Users folder. (I'm on XP)


    Now what? 




  • Hi Susan,

    You don't need to reinstall anything. The interface does not change. I believe the trail and the pro version are the same except :

    1) the trial version only give you access for one week
    2) the trial version watermarks your videos with videoscribe logo
    3) the pro version gives you more publishing options.
    4) Pro users can resell their work

    feature comparison chart:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Can anyone tell us, then, what this instruction refers to?

    I bought Pro... this says I should be getting new 'Pro folders'. 



  • With older versions of videoscribe  upgrading to PRO unlocked "pro library folders" with more images. (Note that the article you mentioned says "These instructions are for VideoScribe version 1" They really should state that more clearly, I agree)

    With version 2.0 ALLLLL images are now available in the trial as well as the PRO membership. You can read more about it in the release notes for version2.0

    (they should also state that clearly in the article you mentioned)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Susan,

    The article that you refer to is for version 1 of VideoScribe

    Version 2.0 has all of the images in the trial version see the release notes here


  • Sit with same situation upgraded to pro and every time I have tried to get access. Message is that I must upgrade, done that on bluesnap received Invoice as accepted still not able to get access