my project freezes

  • When i'm watching my proyect it always freezes at the same part. And when i'm trying to create the video of the same project it freezes either at the same part. I've tried to save it in my computer, upload the project to facebook or youtube but none of those thing work 

  •  Hi,

    Freezes are usually the result of at least one oversized or improperly made file and/or bad camera settings.

    This thread discusses appropriate file sizes, steps you can take to clean up your scribe and how to fix or avoid freezing problems:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Magdalena, sorry you have had this issue.

    As well as Mike's advice you can use the troubleshooting processes as advised this this link -

    Please try these steps and if still having the issue, please let us know the results so we can investigate further.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi Joe, unfortunately the problem continues. When i open VideoScribe the "import button" doesn't appear, Is it cause i have the trial version?. I already try the others steps and the issue continues; the program freeze when i try to play the video and when i'm save it (create). I'll stay alert to your comments, Thank you in advance. Attached a few images that shows some of my problems.

  • You are correct that the import feature is only available to PRO (paying) users. It is not available in the trial version.

    If you have your scribe saved online, customer support can probably look at it for you (be sure to tell them the name of it)  and remove the most problematic elements or settings.  However, to avoid repeating the same problems, you may have to address the file size and camera setting tips mentioned in my previous link.

    Good luck!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Magdalena, If you can save a copy of the scribe to your online directory, we can certainly take a look for you. This link will help you do this -

    Thanks, Joe 

  • Hi Joe, it's already saved online as "periodos literarios", 

  • Hi Magdalena,

    I had a look at your scribe and it seems the problem is down to extreme zooming on the Scribe.

    Some items are zoomed in at over 6000% and because of the amount of zooming in/out, VideoScribe is running out of memory.

    I have edited your scribe and made all the items the same size so you can rework it should you choose to (and given you en extra couple of days to do so).

    You also used the track called 'flirting Dog' which you will need to add again.

    The scribe file is on your online directory called periodos literarios zoom fix.

    This link will help you with using and handling the zoom going forward -

    Thanks, Joe

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