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  •  In principle, a great idea for a product that was probably removed from the oven half-baked. The UI is too cutesy-pootsy, like a kiddies' paint program. It doesn't have to look like an After Effects or Premiere clone but those programs look like that for a reason. The lack of an easier-to-use timeline to assemble pages and transitions is regrettable. So is any reliable way to coordinate audio with visuals. The need to pay for the Pro 'upgrade' during the "free" trial is just plain stingy, even though the amount is small. Without it, the full potential of the program cannot be truly evaluated. The carrot of Version 2 is dangled before our eyes, but I need to ask the following. Will I be able to evaluate this program for free (no Pro slug) or will I be locked out since I evaluated V1?

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  • Hi Aleks, thanks for getting inn touch.We designed VideoScribe to make it usable for beginners and advanced users. VideoScribe does not do the same things as After effects or Premier although you can take your rendered projects into those programs afterwards. We  endeavour to improve the usability in each version.  You do not need to upgrade during your free trial (it is a 7 day Free trial with no obligation to pay) the free trial allows you to get a feel of the programs functionality and the main difference between the Pro version and the Free trial are the rendering options. You can only take up the free trial once regardless of the version. You can sign up for a Monthly subscription and then cancel the renewal so you only pay for a single Month if you wish to evaluate another version.

    If you have any suggestions for improvements we have an ideas and features request section on the community. We would be really interested in hearing your ideas for improving VideoScribe.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi Chaps,

    I have just started using VideoScribe. I really, badly, miss having proper keyboard shortcuts. I agree that you want make VideoScribe usable to everyone and I don't see keyboard shortcuts being a hindrance to that. 

    Shortcuts will cut down our development time significantly.

    Some suggestions for shortcuts:

    (1) Directly switching to text editing (CTRL + T)

    (2) Directly switching to animation time (CTRL + n) (?)

    (3) Increase/decrease animation time (CTLR + Up/Down Arrow)

    (4) Change zoom (CTRL + +/-)

    (5) Delete a component directly by pressing DELETE.

    (6) Pressing SHIFT to move object faster.



  • Thanks Chammika

    I don't think we have any thread specifically about keyboard shortcuts in the Ideas and Feature Requests section.  Would you mind making one with these ideas in? (it'll be better coming from you!)

  • I'm using v3.0.6 and feel the same about the interface; it is slow and lacking many professional elements. A few examples:

    1. The inability to drag multiple elements on the timeline.
    2. Sparse keyboard shortcut support.
    3. Unreliable "redo/undo"
    4. Slow interface transitions (when accessing dialog windows).
    5. No way to share transition settings between elements.
    6. No animation preview option before placing an SVG element.
    7. No scalable timeline, making an extended timeline tedious to navigate.
    8. No option to import more than one element at a time.

    I hope someone will correct me on any of these. Maybe I am just missing them.

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