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Images become fuzzy/aliased when they're finished drawing


Just started using the software and I liked it enough to upgrade to paid. I am having a couple of issues though. One is that the rendered text is unacceptably low-resolution, which I see has been mentioned elsewhere. 

But the other, a bit more of a concern, is what happens to images once they've finished drawing. I'm using SVG files my artist has created in Illustrator. When the hand is drawing them they look sharp and neat. But as soon as they "lock in," they fuzz out and look aliased. I've included screencaps of both for your reference. Is there anything I can do about this?

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Hi there,

VideoScribe has a default image import quality which is likely to be lower than the quality or your SVG file.

I would suggest increasing this from 400px to 720px.

You can find the default settings after logging in to the home screen:

Thanks, Joe


Once I change this setting in the home screen, will this change take place in my already created files?


Hi Francisco,

No, this will only effect images that you import after you have made this change



Thanks for the quick reply! You should consider adding a notification of this set up when you create a new document... Because I didn´t know of this setting, and now I already have the project done, which took me quite some time and it looks really crappy on HD

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for your feedback.

By default on the new versions of VideoScribe we have increased the default import quality of item to 800px.

Thanks, Joe

Hello Joe

I seem to be having the same problem and I have the new default option of 800px. The strange thing is it does not effect the whole image, just parts of it. That being said, the whole image was drawn at exactly the same time with the exact same settings. Is there something else that I am missing?



Oliver, you can always bump up the default further and see if that helps, you can go right up to 4000px. It's move location since Joe's post above you get to it now through settings which is the cog on the bottom left of the project screen

Hello Barry

I have just noticed the image becomes fuzzy when its inserted. I already had the setting set to 800px and all the other images are perfect. Could it have something to do with scaling it up? It shouldn`t really because all element were drawn AI and saved as SVG`s.


It may be easier to diagnose this specific case and recommend a solution if you attach the image here . You could even provide a link to a video showing the symptom if you wish to be really thorough.

There are a number of factors that can affect the image quality and size.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have attached the problem area, I can not provide a link because I am in the process of doing training Scribes.



yeah that illustrates the problem very well.

If you can attach the SVG, then customer support or one of us users may be able to work out a solution.

MAYBE closing the scribe, increasing the default quality setting (maybe to about 2000?) and then opening the scribe, deleting and re-importing that SVG will help... (and then change the quality back down to 800 before adding more images). I haven't really experimented with that much.

I have another idea or two but they depend on the size and shape of the SVG.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Mike

I had a go at changing your recommended settings and it unfortunately did not work. 

I see the problem being more in the transition from finished artwork and the camera. While its being drawn it looks perfect and the second it pans away to draw something else it blurs the previously drawn image. 

Any ideas?


If you can attach the problematic SVG, then customer support or one of us users may be able to identify the problem and/or work out a solution.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Oliver, if you save your scribe online and let us know what's it's called or export/attach here would be happy to take a look. If it's a long scribe an idea of the time stamp of the problem would make life easier as well.

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