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Placing cutouts on scribe

hi, please take a look at the following video:

In this video, a hand places cutouts of images on the board. Is that done in VideoScribe or that is shot live action? 



That video was not made using videoscribe, however videoscribe does have a "move-in" option that lets you move images onto the screen in a similar way.

and you can photograph your own hand to make custom hands for drawing or moving-in images.

example of a videoscribe with "move-in" at the beginning and at 1:50:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Mike, Thanks a lot. If we shoot our own hand placing the cutouts, would we do that on a whiteboard or green screen and then import? Thanks again for your link.



copied and pasted from an older post by Max Randall:

"Making and using your own hands in VideoScribe can be a great way to make your scribe really unique; you may want to use your very own hand, perhaps draw with a paintbrush or a feather! Here is a step-by-step process to help you do just that.

1. Photograph the hand. Firstly you need to get the right photos of the hand, here is how to get the best result doing this:

It is very important when making your own hand you take two photos, because you need one that will draw all the ‘downward’ strokes and one all the ‘upward’ strokes. To do this we would advise taking two photos, one right after the other but before the second one move your hand or the pen very slightly (doesn’t really matter how you move it, just so it is a different angle to the first one). It is best to do this on some white paper or a plain surface. You need to hold the pen just like you would when writing. Make sure that you get quite a lot of the arm in the photo (this is so that when the hand draws something at the top of the canvas in VideoScribe you don’t see the cut off bottom of the arm!) Try to take the photo looking straight down onto the arm. Make sure it’s a nice light room where you are taking the photos.

These are exmples of photos we have taken.

2. Cut out the hands. Once you have got the two photos of the hands they need to be put onto the computer and into a photo manipulation programme like Photoshop or a free alternative, Gimp.

Here you need to cut out both hands. We use the pen tool in Photoshop to do that, carefully plotting points right around the edge of both hands. Then we will give them both a shadow, often we will do this using the same cut out shape we did for the hand but make it slightly bigger. Then fill this a dark grey colour before taking the opacity down to perhaps 40-50% and making the edge of the shape blurry. You may want to add similar bits of shadow in other places so it looks like the hand is on a piece of paper. These images should be no bigger than 500 x 1500 pixels, though in some cases this may look too big once in VideoScribe, so you would need to go back edit the photo to make it smaller. Once you have done this make sure there is no background and then save them both as transparent PNGs. Save these as suitable names, probably with either ‘down’ or ‘up’ at the end.

Again here are some examples of ours.

3. Put into VideoScribe. When you have the two cut out hands as PNGs you are ready to import them as hands into VideoScribe.

When looking at the canvas, select the options cog at the top, then go into the ‘hands and pens’ option and click the ‘add’ button at the bottom of this box, this will bring up the ‘lend a hand’ box. Here it will ask you to select two hands and name your hand. Choose a suitable name and choose the two hands you’ve just made (it doesn’t matter too much which way around these go if they are slightly different movements).

Then click onto hand 1. In this window you need to drag your hand image so that the small green cross is at the end of the pen, feather, paintbrush etc. The green cross shows where the line will be drawn from. Once in the right position, select hand 2 and repeat for the second image.

Once you have done these, select test and check you are happy with it, if not go back and move the image or go back out of VideoScribe and edit your image. If you are happy, click Finish, then preview your very own hand in your scribe!

Hope this helps, we look forward to seeing lots of different hands in scribes soon.

Happy Scribing!"

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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