Scribe crashes when exporting

  • Hi,

    When attempting to export my scribe it either gets stuck on 100% (no matter what file format I use), or when i rightclick and export, the program just crashes completely. I have saved it both local and online and I am running out of time. I have to have this exported in the next few hours! It has to be submitted tonight!


    I have attached the scribe file after exporting it. It will not let me export the file with the voice-over; something that is an important part of my presentation!

    Does anyone have any answers?

  • I have clicked the 'Save as a new copy & close' option, re-opened it and it still will not let me create the video. It still gets stuck on 100%.


  • Hi Misty, it looks like the last item on the scribe is the cause of the issue.

    It is  a large amount of text for one element item and this is where VideoScribe is getting stuck.

    My recommendation would be to split the last items up into separate elements, possibly by paragraph (I make 8 different paragraphs).

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi,
    the symptom you described is usually the result of one or more bad

    (oversized, improperly prepared, or damaged) elements  or bad camera settings (magnification of an element greater than about 1000%, or very large fast camera movements) in your scribe.

    The following thread deals with a variety of tips that will help you build your scribes in a way that will not crash or freeze:

    item number 2 (export/import) may help you by removing elements that have become damaged, but usually it is best to address all of the issues mentioned in the threads if you wish to avoid future problems.

    Hope that helps,



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