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Last portion of Voice over not rendering

I created a Scribe with an extended narration (,eating the voice over extends longer than the video itself).   I plan to export the project and do a final cut version with an external video editor.

But the voice over track fades out at the end of the video.

How do I set the project to render to the end of the voice over?  (Other than inserting hidden text with lots of pauses?)

 The easiest way would be to add one more image somewhere off-screen with a long draw time  equal to the amount of extra time that you need. You can use any item since it will not be seen. You might as well choose something with a small file size.

Then set the camera position (for that new image) wherever you want it (presumably that means positioning the camera to stay on the previous image)

-Mike (videoscibe user)

Good answer Mike.  That's the way I'd do it if I'm in VideoScribe.  If you're using an mp3 of the voice-over, rather than recording it directly into VideoScribe, you could also drop it directly in to your external video editor.

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