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images stop drawing after import

I have a big scribe I'm doing. This has happened before. At some point I import the new images and they won't draw anymore. I've tried closing the scribe and the program and restarting. But it doesn't work. Memory issue?

The images are the type to be drawn. I need to have a fix for this.



I don't really understand your description of the problem.

1)  what version of videoscribe?

2) what type of computer?

3) what type of images (JPG PNG, SVG)?

4) by "won't draw any more" do you mean "playback of the scribe freezes or stops completely" or "some images remain invisible in playback mode" or "some images just appear instead of being drawn"  or "images do not appear in the preview pane of the image import menu" or "new images added to the scribe appear blank on the canvas" or "after I export a video, some images are missing"...or something else?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

1. Most recent version
2. Mac
3. Jpg
4. "image just appears instead of being drawn in playback mode"

What happens is I have to quit the program, restart it, then import it again. Then sometimes it works. It seems like a memory issue? I have a very powerful mac here.


1) It may be a memory issue if you are using unoptimized jpgs that are more than a MB in size.

2) If you set the draw time to zero, images will just appear

3) It may be a settings issue if you are not selecting "trace image" and adjusting the sliders on the jpg import menu so that there are some lines in the right preview pane:


If you want to save a copy of the scribe with a problem online, customer support could probably take a look at it for you. 

tips 3-8 in this thread: can help prevent most problems in videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Yes, they are bigger jpgs. What's the best way to optimize a jpg?

The draw time is set to 2 seconds.

I am selecting trace image. Tried playing with the sliders too.

This is a memory issue with the software. I'm sure of it. Because if I close the program, and go back in, I can get it to work with the same files. For a few minutes, then it happens again.


Yes multiple oversized jpgs may max out the memory due to all the manipulations videoscribe has to perform to make the images appear as animated drawings.  That can result in erratic display problems (or freezing or crashing) during playback, rendering, saving, or opening of scribes.

searching google or youtube will provide a variety or tutorials about optimizing images using gimp or photoshop.

the simplified version of "optimizing" is "trim off any edges that you don't want or need" shrink it down so it is not larger than it needs to be for the video (IE: if the video is going to be 800x450 then maybe the image does not need to be larger than that) then save a new copy of the image using quality settings that will reduce the file size without degrading the image noticeably.

If you don't have any experience with gimp or photoshop or any other image editing programs, this may require some reading and experimentation.

Keep your original huge files and save the optimized version with a new file name so you have both.

Hope that helps a bit
-Mike (videoscribe user)


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