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how to decrease scroll speed


I am not to VideoScribe so this might be obvious..

How can I decrease the scroll speed and the zooming in and out. It was making me dizzy.



Hi Soumya, 

I'm not sure what you mean by scroll speed exactly but if you're talking about how long it takes to transition from one element to another, there are 2 possible options.

1. Add more pause events - A pause events are added in half second increments.  When the element has finished being drawn, VideoScribe will pause on that image depending on the amount of pause events you have.

You can add more by pressing the pause symbol on the element tray, be default there will be a single pause event whenever you add an item:

2. change the transition time - This is how long it takes for the camera to pan from one item to another (after the pause event). By default it is set to 1000ms (1 second). You enter the advanced options of an element to change this:

Thanks, Joe

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