down load to facebook

  • anyone having problems down loading to facebook if so what did you do

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  • Hi,
    (I believe it would actually be UPloading to facebook)

    If you are having trouble, it could be a problem with rendering the video or it could be a problem with videoscribe communicating with facebook.

    Have you tried saving a video to your computer and then going to the web page to upload it?

    if you are unable to save a video to your computer then we can troubleshoot that problem separately.

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  •  yes and i get a server execution failed pop-up

  • 1) what steps work.... and when do you get a popup.....?

    2) are you trying to upload from videoscribe or through a regular browser like IE or firefox?

    3) also what file format, frame rate and dimensions are you saving your video? maybe there are settings that facebook won't accept.


  • When using my pc,i still can't post into facebook.Already go to FB setting to install video scribe apps but it said i need to go to video scribe first and click tu FB icon.However,there is no FB icon in Video scribe.
  • you can see a facebook icon in videoscribe in this tutorial:

    NOTE: I think you can only publish your scribe to a personal facebook page and not a business page.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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