• I was dong so well until....

    I am seeing repeated elements and the order is all incorrect.  This keeps happening and I cannot seem to correct it.  I am not dupicating any elements.

    How can I stop this.... ???

    I am also have some issues with some images moving of the screen by themselves.  I have repeatedly set the camera angle and to no avail...

  • Hi,
    1) try rebooting
    2) try using clicking "save as a NEW copy and close " with a new file name and then rendering

    3) What version of videoscribe are you using? (If you are on a PC check the videoscribe version number that shows in Control Panel to see the CORRECT version number.) If you are using a version newer than 1.3.26 that explains your problem and you should revert to 1.3.26  (check "instant answers" section for uninstall and reinstall procedures)

    4) you can save a copy of your scribe file online and mention the file name if you want customer support to look at it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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